Stochastic Thoughts 

 •If all words can be construed as conceptions or deceptions of the truth, what then is the meaning of meaning?

•Searching for consciousness in the brain is like looking for the internet inside a computer.

•What’s a good metaphor for the word ‘Metaphor’? Pataphor?

•IMHO; Opinion is a dirty word for subjective analysis.

•Having an opinion about morality =/= having a moral opinion.

•Sex is the orgasm of the body. Ataraxia is the orgasm of the mind. Enlightenment is the orgasm of the soul.

•Technology represents science the way metaphor represents understanding. 

•Disengage from the momentum of mediocrity. Speak out against the defenders of the status quo.

•Belief is the scapegoat of philosophical consistency. The pocket in which we deposit all that is unknowable or unprovable. Belief<Knowledge

•Be united by what is known rather than divided by what is believed.


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