About: iiixtheory 

(Pronounced iks theory)

iiix is short for imagine it into existance.   •A Theory About A Theory of Everythingiiixtheory •In Pursuit of Knowledge & In Aquisition of Wisdom. •Perfecting the Art of Perfect Imperfection •”Truth” can not be contained by fixed ideology patterns. Antinomic thinking is required to merge blend or synthesize the diametrically opposed.  •We are everything and nothing imagining ourselves as something. •The purpose of life is to not allow anyone but yourself to answer that question. Scope of Imaginism iiixtheory is an open-sourced philosophical stance, on the ontological origins of existence|existance {omnistence}. It embodies all practical and useful aspects of any ism or ology, to provide a plausible framework in floating an axiomatic evolutionary language to express facets of omniversal truth—if there is such a thing. Above all else, iiixtheory highlights the fun idea that the imagination is everything and the principle of play is a ubiquitous feature to Xen and the art of enlightenment. •I don’t want followers; I want self actualized contemporary leaders, cognitive collaborators, parallel thinkers, peace mongers, fearless philosophers, poetic empiricists, neutral data advocates, Open Source enthusiasts, Diplomats of Self-Determination, Anarchists, Agorists, Agnostics, Inventors, Indirect-Skeptics, Open-Minded Scientists, Humanists, Spiritual Physicists, Evolutionary Engineers, Archaic Revivalists, Shamanic Professors, Transcendental Transhumanists, Psychonauts, Panpsychists, Artists, Flow-state Junkies, Permaculturists, Musicians, Meditators, Visionaries, Hacktivists, Solutionaries, Neosapiens, Enlightened Imagineers, Omnists and to state all the above categories with one word: Imaginists!Sincerely Edde Theory

Namaste 🙏🏽


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