Enlightened Politics

How on earth could any one human claim the moral high ground on political issues? Is it even possible to have an enlightened discussion about politics these days where people abandon long held beliefs in old ideologies for more ethical positions of human organization strategies? READ THIS FIRST!

The reason why I won’t vote for the lesser evil this year or even the upgraded version of statism 2.0 (Johnson or Stein) is precisely for the same reasons outlined in this concise article you just hopefully read…

Conversely as one of the only panarchists you may know, I don’t have a problem with people that would voluntarily opt to have one of the presidential candidates as THEIR own leader, as long as they keep their leaders to themselves. Letting the blind lead the blind… I guess… it’s somehow fine..? 

I know this seems contradictory at first glance so I’ll clarify “briefly”.

It should be obvious that not everyone wants or would do well with absolute freedom. Does this mean limits to freedom are necessary? The answer is antinomic or dialectic. In the middle between yes {&} no. Somehow both but neither. 

Is it not implied by the concept of freedom that people are also free to bind themselves in a service of their own volition? (Shoot this is gonna get long) I argue yes, as long as an exit clause is maintained without recourse. 

Enter Panarchism.

Imagine only companies, or what exist today as corporations in the place of nations or states. (Think Apple Nation, Googletopia, or Tesladelphia) Are you in any way forced to buy their products? Can Walmartville make you buy their outsourced products if you have a taste for handmade local Etsy markets? Take it or leave it, praise or perish it, the answer is both yes and no. Sometimes markets bend in your favor and other times they seem against you. This flux is what keeps us on our toes with a natural system parameter that acts as a non-conflict-of-interest-referee, of sorts, in the game of commerce played across the globe. 

So how does this usher in a promised world of peace? Perhaps a clarification on the notion of profit from a noteworthy economist such as Hayek might help:

“Profit is a signal which tells us what we must do to serve people we do not know.” — F.A. Hayek 

Profit at any cost (and gov. collusion) is what energized the 2008 collapse of financial markets across the globe. Obviously profit must remain in the pure, definitive, Hayek-style arena for it to be helpful rather than harmful. So then, if we are naturally, and in unavoidable union/service to one another when left alone in free association, then what motive other than those awarded/imposed by the market could possibly ruin this vision? 

The motive of domination and/or authoritarianism is the main fallacy that destroys the possibility of peaceful coexistence as a species. 

That’s the signal you may be receiving if you find yourself in harsh disagreement with the basic assertions found between these two articles of human writing. The will to dominate is the same unspoken motive beneath the facade of public duty that drives the political spectrum of our societies. It’s always been this way with men dominating men to their ruin. It’s likely also true that women would do the same if history were herstory. This drive, grows and festers in the hearts of those ruled by fear, distrust, jealousy, guilt, greed, lust, ego, hierarchy and so on. It masquerades as pragmatism or security and deceives even the most well intentioned and intelligent among us. 

What’s the best way to guard against this motive? Don’t equip it with a monopoly on the use of violence, what anarchists refer to as: government. Make this defect in human beings play by the same rules as the rest of us in an open and free market that can be exited if so desired. Like a game of Monopoly you can choose to stop playing without being thrown in a tax funded rape-room filled with criminals that didn’t commit crimes large enough to land them in political positions of power as fueled buy ignorant voting masses. This defect will eventually, if it’s not rewarded as it is in our current system, either shape up or ship out. 

 There are still enough, and may always be plenty of sheeple on this planet to still fleece over without their objection to it. Why should an awakened being be subject to the same standards as a citizen of American Idol Farms inc? If a Kardashian Plantation Serf needs, wants and desires the citizen products of that company then who are we, who opt out of that offer to judge their preferences? If you’ve exited the matrix then you’re responsible for yourself and hold no one accountable for your own actions. Causality is perceptible to you in the same way Neo saw the green source code in the ending scenes of the movie. 

Think about it; if Trump forced his putrid steaks on you in any way other than by gun point or legitimate threat of violence from a bodyguard or someone else willing to do his bidding, would you do anything less than laugh in his face at what a petulant toddler he is behaving like? If Hillary tried to tell you you’re not allowed to have a gun without the might and force of a swat team to disarm you, do you really think she’d ever collect even one firearm from the wise? 

And if you’re one of those people who just don’t get why people need to be armed to the teeth as some Americans are, then; there is no more dangerous gun than that of a bureaucratic-agents-opinion, backed by military might of order-following-sycophants. And please don’t be a dummy and be against the personal need for guns all the way up to and included in paradise. If everyone is responsible for their own life, armed appropriately or protected by private security services, then people are rendered fully accountable and attentive to the flux of market conditions which makes the value of life go up—financially and socially. Men and women of action will not take on the liability of murder due to the economic disincentives that overlay the moral bedrock of virtue that it’s predicated upon. To kill another in any fashion other than self defense is to kill your chance at remaining in society with people that simply ostracize murder and theft as principles of coexistence. Try to get away with common law crimes such as these will disqualify you from participating in social functions and you’ll be on your own until damages are repaired and agreements reinstated. Kinda like a Yelp page for individuals. Remember government gets away with a double standard that no group or individual outside that system can get away with. This means you and everyone other than a statist goes on living in the normal real world way where we don’t kill or steal from people as a solution to problems. 

Only those bewildered by belief in an imaginary right or authority to hold dominion over another will act out in this primitive way. This is yet another untapped market ripe for innovation that respects human autonomy and remains profitable in its handling of murderers and thieves. If you had to deal with societies current or future moral standards with an effective deterrent against crime that does not violate autonomy, how would we handle it? The show Black Mirror comes to mind as a peculiar way to start an awkward conversation:

Black Mirror S2:E2| White Bear

If the marketplace by default and design precludes special-morality-exemptions then the playing field is leveled like never before in the history of human interaction. Finally a safeguard against basic avoidable systemic corruption! It’s like using a double-ply, ethically and ecologically sourced toilet paper to guard against the horror of a historically persistent turd that just won’t wipe clean from the ass of our species! Shit stains/corruption can still occur but the better your “wipe-technology” the cleaner our collective butt can be. In other words: people will still do bad things but there will be less and less of these instances as the biodegradable and flushable wet wipe technology of a transitional-free-society finally gets a turn at solving the neoteny of our species. 

If services that used to be offered by governments were switched over to competing companies with an incentive to keep their customers happy and satisfied then we would be back in the power seat, as the: We the People intended by the founders of this political-science experiment we call America. 

Engines of Domination

{pataphysical side-note}

I like to imagine a Cryptocurrency based digital database of goods and services delivered through a United States of Amazon-like autonomous drone system working in the same way as the hyper-text-transfer-protocol of the Internet. You’d have people that set up data mining/storage services that customers would use to keep track of property agreements and the Internet of Things. (IOT) Since technology would be the common denominator throughout society, there would be the spontaneous order of transferability. Just like telephone companies that worked out the signal translation from carrier to carrier, citizens and non citizens (statists and anarchists) would have the same range of options regardless of geography. You could in theory hold agreements with “society carriers” (i.e. ISPs) that offer packages that serve anyone from a democrat to an anarcho-primitivist wanting a 4 year contract or single use society card good for one day in Pixarland with the kids—all expenses paid in full. 

Is this all too antinomic for your mind to hold right now? I know I can let my imagination run away with me sometimes, but these days, with the information overload out there, I’ve yet to find someone else spinning multiple conceptual plates on sticks in order to visualize the reality-mechanics of a technomagical enterprise such as I just sketched out for us. 

Yet somehow this is the unspoken trajectory of our species:

What this whole rant really boils down to is simply this: without the freedom to say no to offers from others regardless of their intent, we are simply speaking about a soft form of slavery with invisible velvet chains. Sure things are currently better than ever and yet we are all still so far from optimized. Read the article to see where the politically awakened among us are coming from. And this is where we find ourselves at today. Without imagining anything, governments are actual, factual documented corporations that put the interests of their shareholders first and foremost. It’s a big club and you ain’t in it! People are always worried about monopolies yet we live under the most deceitful and destructive form of monopoly there is—which is of course, violence pretending to be peace. 

Comfortable soft corporate slavery with the illusion of choice over our executive administrator. (President) 

But with just a little bit of awareness spreading, a skosh of revelatory advocacy peddling, and a triple dash of humanity, humility and humor, we can begin to construct the framework of an ever-change-ready-paradigm of peace unlike any that have come before us. 

The middle way is the way of the circle where the center is everywhere and its border is nowhere. A global consciousness awakens and extends into the cosmos, attuned to the signal of novelty as it is counterbalanced by habit. Poised at the event horizon where the new world meets the old school in homeostatic rapture. Neither of these cosmic and universal attributes seeks dominance over the other but instead dances as symbiotic and dynamic equilibrium for all. This is the promised land where a method to the madness of the past and an order as derived from well rehearsed chaos becomes the apparent and potential future we can all delight in regardless of what it’s called. 

Love iiixtheory 


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