Agnostic Gonzo Imaginism

The Gonzo Hamsa Hand of Aseity

Agnostic Gonzo Imaginism
June 6th, 2016

A long overdue drawing that bugged me to the point of just needing to draw it out after a year or so of putting it off. Ripe with symbolism you’ll find Alchemical, Transcendental and Pataphysical icons throughout. The {?|!|%|0} symbols are a staple or principle of isness’s to the Imaginist. Knowing the difference is key to a Reality Technician Chaos Whisperer in his or her modern day shamanistic lensing. 

The Symbols

•{?} Representing the eternal question that drives existence is the simple form of a question mark, this “is” — is the domain of imagination/creation. Pataphysics or the iiixverse as I’ve come to call it. What might be. What is yet to become. What is only imagined thus far… Existance

•{!} Representing the emphasis behind the truth of any matter we have the ecstatic exclamation point! What REALLY is. The truth that remains as a so-called transcendental object beyond articulation. The sum total of all information in triplicate: good, bad and indifferent. Positive|Negative|Neutral Omniverse. Omnistence. Antinomy. 

•{%} The percent symbol is simply the easiest and closest approximate for the duality of physicality that I could type with from my phone. A yin yang symbol would be more appropriate perhaps? At any rate this “is” — is a continuum of dichotomy that dances between opposites. Light|Dark, on|off and Life|Death. The paradox of metaphysics construes riddles for their own solving. Insomuch as these riddles can be solved we find the empiricism of technology and  the axiom of information with which to call true science/physics. Existence

•{0} Last but not least we have the X marked Xero. This “is” — is non-is. Eternal nothingness of the non dimension/non experience of non existence. This is the crux of “reality” as it can be spoken about. We know molecules are composed of mostly empty space. This is by virtue of the only true eternity that can be pointed to by the Imaginist. Only nothingness is the always-forever or sempiternal, never-changing, non state of… {ineffable}. Contained within/without in a toroidal dance with the stativerse, aka eternal chaos data, is where all 4 of these principles flow through each other to display the grand mandala of Reality that I call the Omniverse. 

The Gonzo fist of the 4 elements holds in its hand the flower of life. Observed by the essence of entelechy the pataphysical eye which selects from the potentialities of imaginary propositions to nudge the butterfly effect of creation down to the multiverse of metaphysics and into a compatible physical host in the universe of wonder we find ourselves in. This eternal dance between everything & nothing is what we experience as life. It happens at many layers or domains of discourse but only to those with an eye to see and a heart to feel it with. Conscious|Sentience is Entelechy unhindered by dogma. Culture, Religion, Government, Economics and People hold no power over the being who has self actualized to this degree of awareness. 

There is much more to this ontology but that’s at least a starting point to serve as chewing gum for the mind. 


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