{The path to becoming your own God is paved with good intentions & good imaginations}

The Apotheosis of Homer is a 1944–45 painting by Salvador Dalí.

1/4/16 @9:43 AM
The realization that imagination is responsible for all existential occurrence is key to developing an affinity for the process of imagination-applied to problems and their implied solutions. 
Sentient Entelechy of Aseity Becoming Conscious of Awarety

An adjacent realization on the subject of human communication, I’ve pondered, has been: the relative preference each entelechy utilizes in conscious|sentience perception. The manner in which we configure our bias for attention-to or ignorance-of, data and it’s composite/emergent property —information; is the universal constant for all existence. This criterion of information is the metric of analysis that can be used to translate any modality of communication into an intelligible ideation. The qualia derived from this existential-value-system is a near-neutral perspective of entelechy which serves as the aperture of near-objective or possibly, the mildly coveted empirical point of view to decode science and information from. Occasioned to the true students of observation is this antinomy implied throughout this entire expression: everyone is as free as they self actualize up to. “You determine your own level of involvement” —with reality. Reality is whatever can be agreed to by way of human mouth noises, for that moment in time. Time is the metric by which we measure the value of a given experience. Everyone is responsible for their own experience. “Everyone is where they are by the law of their BEing.” Axiomatically reified herein then is this: if you understand that data arranged in an intelligent way, gives form to information which when epistemically digested becomes knowledge itself then, wisdom is the fruit in the objective of existing. To exist is to BE and to BE is all there IS. Anything else is nothing at all…

Love iiixtheory 


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