Simulation Theory

10/31/14, 3:21AM

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Equations that are written to explain the laws of physics, mathematics and geometry of the universe contain a certain type of data that corresponds with error correcting computer code. That is to say that if u were to translate into binary, our equation of E=MC2 or S=K log W into a computer simulation, it would act in the exact same way virtually, as it would in normal everyday 3D life! This means that the objective governing laws/habits of the universe posses a specific attribute and function that instructs the behavior of all physical matter, energy, time and space. The language that humans have devised to orient the methods of science and command the material devices of technology, just so happen to contain an encoded sequence of information that additionally controls the dynamic evolution and creation of our universe—on its own! This is an observable feature of reality and it is all predicated on strong evidence based trust, and centuries of fastidious dedication to veridical experience and experiment.

Science has been at a crossroads of a new paradigm since the discovery of quantum mechanics. What our ever evolving digital reality might turn out to be is a type of metaphor of the information that comprises our soul? In either direction, micro or macro, we can observe the infinite and fractal nature of reality. Each new lesson we get about the foundation of objective reality points us deeper and deeper still, in our quest for understanding and ultimate truth. The more we try to pin down an understanding of matter the more we realize it’s not even like water in our hands. We are coming to conclusions where we need scientific poets or artistic empiricists to describe the phantasmagorical basis of quantum reality.  

In other words: would you like to take the red pill or the blue pill?

Joe Rogan on Simulation Theory (15 min)

…like a splinter in your mind…

Love iiixtheory



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