Holofractalgraphic Russian Doll Torus Structure of the:
Omniverse: The ontological sum total of the sempiternal continuum of all existences. It IS The Matriiix of creation wherein all existance is derived.
Xeroverse: Pure Nothingness. The void. Nullibicity and the non-existent counterpart to existance.
Stativerse: Eternal sea of disordered information. Chaos. Abstract realm of all data in its most fundamental binary form.
Antiverse: The space-less boundary condition of the Omnisphere wherein all data points are inverted and in magnetic opposition to the contents therein. The skin that holds existence in place.
Omniscience: Pure consciousness in its most enlightened form. The Akashic records of all ordered data in existence. God mode. Aseity. Source. The infinite omnipresent now.
iiixverse: AKA The Metaverse. An arena of pure imagination. {entelechy} Where new thoughts become new things. Consciousness at play.
Multiverse: Infinite probability Matriiix. The direct effect of the Metaverse & Universe toroidal feedback loops. Multi dimensional possibilities encapsulating the collapsed wave function of our one universe by direct observation from the omnisphere.
Universe: The 13.7 billion year experiment into amnesia. MatterEnergySpace&Time. “Reality” as we know it. All that science and spirituality has conceived of thus far.
Consciousness: You, Me & everyone/everything | no one/nothing we know. (Panpsychism) The awareity that you are aware of your awareness. The foundation of all MatterEnergySpace&Time.

—Love iiixtheory


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  1. Dylan Adkins says:

    Hi there! I was wondering if it was at all possible to get in contact with the artist who made that beautiful piece for this article. I’m in a band, and we would very much like to use it for an album cover! Let me know ASAP! Thank you so much for your time!


    1. iiixtheory says:

      Hey man! Glad you like it! Email me and we can talk about use of the image, which I’d be happy to let you use just wanna give you an idea of how this piece came together…


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