The Failure of ALL Great Philosophers & the Subsequent Enslavement of Humankind.

For as long as humans have been recording their deeds and actions we have never once seen a true release from bondage! Yes, it’s true—we are all slaves!

Just as The Matrix depicts us as servants in an invisible prison, so too are we in a vacuous prison of consumerism. Veritable batteries, if we are to borrow the comparison laid out by the Wachowski Brothers, that literally serves to energize the slave masters of this perpetual holographic delusion of tyranny as freedom. From the time of Homo Erectus, on thru the centuries we have always had the tendency to dominate one another, only to our injury. This dominance, it seems, has become a part of what human leaders have decided is a necessary component in the ruling and coercion of the masses. In the incubational period of our collective history, early humans had to deal with a true form of environmental scarcity. Before the hominid learned to stand erect he had to be a proficient hunter and gatherer in order to survive. Once the species realized, thru the advent of agriculture, that it was prudent and foresightful to store up ones own survival supplies, this was when we recognized the value of personal property. The agrarian society was born. Bartering was then created, which lead to the invention of Money and then the Market System was the soon to follow apparatus that resulted from these realizations. Praised as cultural enhancement and with the incentive bonus of personal productivity and private property we were all hooked on the drug of convenience we call money. We were, and are still, royally duped into an invisible form of servitude and serfdom thru compounding debt.

{current count: trillions of trillions}

With an inability to look inward and confront the monster inside our collective subconscious, we have never been willing to face the withdrawals of detoxification from a diseased social system. Indeed, for all of our accomplishments throughout the ages we have never been able to step fully out of the shadow of despotism. Humankind seems to have a tendency to overlook original causality. We address the symptoms of disease rather than the true cause. In addition, we implement more damaging and hazardous techniques in our attempt to fix the disease, so that we inevitably wind up causing more problems than we started with. Only a blind bureaucratic sigh is offered to all of these easily avoidable injustices that we all endure on a daily basis.

What does it mean to be truly free? Can we proclaim our lives as a testament to liberty? For all the wars fought in the name of freedom and human rights, have we ever even scraped the surface of achieving what ideals we fought for, before some new regime of coercion seized power?

The power of the people!

…}Power to the people BY the people{…

Our historical failure as a species, will be reflected on by future civilizations, to be one of gross negligence and tasteless decadence. Our great depression, will come in the form of an economic collapse that would make even the most tyranical dictator blush and cringe. Especially when contrasted by the discovery of small movements and networks of solution oriented minds from around the globe, who have been instilling positive direction and genuine change from the 1960’s onward.

Yes, when our offspring look back they will hang their heads in shame, especially those who share a genetic relativity to those in leadership positions of power who put the illusion of profit above all else. That’s right profit! Money! The “economy”—as it were. It really is too bad that the economy doesn’t economize or pursue efficiency by any stretch of the imagination. Such a monumental miscalculation and misappropriation of value. A system so completely decoupled from reality and nature that it serves only it’s calloused disregard for anyone person place or thing, except for the almighty act of consumption.

Is it really such a simple concept?

When we pause to analyze the circumstance we find ourselves in, with un-indoctrinated eyes, and minds unplugged from this self destructive system, only then can one really begin to put the pieces in place.

Recall your mind to any great thinker in past and present history, and ask yourself if any of these men and women had the wherewithal to question the ultimate cause of all human suffering? Sure, the very existance of altruism denotes the fact that many minds are aware of the need to help in alleviating the pain and malnourishment present on this planet. However, possessing the awareness of suffering, and having the philanthropic motive to do something about it in your available time, while in the same breath engaging and empowering a system that thrives on differential advantage, and a form of socio-economic, caste-like stratification, well, it seems to be contradictory at best, and ostensivly ignorant and hypocritical at worst. What most people are uncomfortable with admitting is this; Modern and classic economics, the market system and in extension monetary acquisition, are all the fundamental cause of most, if not all of the problematic aspects of our modern culture.

Allow me to elaborate.

The common denominator across every religipolitical system and essentially every ism ever created, is that they all shared the same basic economic mechanism of labor in exchange for goods or services. Monetarism is the basis for every form of human culture from the indigenous tribes of wherever, who trade and barter coconuts and animal skins, to any sufficiently advanced form of a technological society that implements socialism, communism, fascism or capitalism.

The byproduct of this aspect of reality is in fact the most abject form of violence perpetrated on humankind. In the words of Gahndi —”Poverty is the worst form of violence.” The fact that we, as a collective human family can not provide the fundamental aspects of survival to all of our worlds people is a colossal failure in my eyes! Food, water & shelter for everyone who wants it. That’s all any system would need to achieve in order to make it a success. The belligerence of war, the mindless consumerism and distortion of values all seem to take a front seat over the simple problem of providing clean, organic nutritious food to those in the gutters of our poverty stricken social system.

To this end it is easy to see how each of us has all shared the responsibility in the divided society we see today. Every economist, politician and world leader in history has shared a role in the degradation of society! Economists and Bankers are like the high priests of the monetary religion. They carefully construct these ambivalent derivative schemes that are never intended to do anything but turn a quick profit, which, need I remind you, ignores the natural law it is a part of, only to produce systemic failure that is put off for future generations to deal with. What unmitigated negligence it is that generations of the past and the current generation find our federal/financial deficit as something acceptable to pass on to their children and grandchildren.

These actions perpetuate a game where license is given to the greedy and mendacious people at the top, while those not inclined to acquisition and those disinterested in competition are left to survive on the crumbs brushed off of the table of opulence.

We have to come to terms with what our system and our {lack of} culture breeds into it’s citizens. Like a battered and mistreated wife or a priest-molested child we need to put a stop to this cycle of abuse. Stop with the incessant excuse making and defense mechanisms. Stop empowering these miscreant one-percent-ers and sycophant politicians with our own ignorance and gullibility. The debate is over! Debate is such a puerile endeavor anyway. Especially when it comes to being solution oriented, education and positive action far out weigh the use of circular dogmatic reasoning to pontificate in public word-slinging shoot-outs that only serve to further polarize the two sides. We need methods of inclusion rather than division! Why prolong the suffering of thousands of the earths most deserving of inhabitants any longer?

The fix to this deeply infected system will come from humanities ability to find empathy, compassion, and community over the self-serving mechanism of pride, profit, and entitlement.

Money, if left to mutate in the capitalist world of avarice, will be our detrimental reason for failure. The byproduct of materialism and mindless consumption will scar the collective mindset of our children hopefully not beyond repair! We have at our disposal such a vast array of abundance producing technology. Vertical organic farming, 3-D printing, ET3 Maglev aqua-terra global transport, geothermal, Searl, and radiant energies, and the use of several other emerging technologies available right now! What’s more, we have the common heritage of natural resources that should and could equally benefit all of earths people! The means to our survival is hibernating within our very soul and all we need to do is stir this essence, and get active! We must strive to work together to implement it in a strategic and equitable manner. If we can put our artificial differences aside then the stars are the limit and the universe becomes our playground! This goal is made possible only if we implement the Frescoian idea of running our planet the way our human body runs itself. The plans and blueprints to do so do exist. We are not alone in this movement.

We have seen the passing of 4 different ages of human development.
•Nomadic/Cave Based humans who could sustain only itself it’s mate and it’s children.
•Hunter-Gatherer humans who could sustain groups.
•Agricultural/Agrarian humans who could sustain towns and communities
•The Industrial age of Human ingenuity, our current era of sustainability, extends to large cities, states, and nations as well as nations in need.
Were are currently at the doorstep of the 5th.
•The age of technology where we possess the near empirical ability to sustain the world, while giving the entire human population a high standard of living!

To those still desperately clinging to the industrial age of reasoning please allow this brief comparison.

Do you think that those people living at the turn of the century really ever supported the idea of the “horse-less carriage?” As the precursors to the Ford model T were rolling off the assembly line people were ridiculing the “ridiculous” idea of a carriage, without a horse to pull it. As the prototype vehicles had their initial hiccups, I’m sure there was no shortage of wisecracks and mockery. Recall the not so distant era when computers were the size of large rooms and the people behind Apple and Microsoft were predicting a computer in every household within the decade. The idiot critics of that time laughed at the notion of anyone needing or using such a clumsy device for calculations and pointless games. Lets not become the “Horseless carriage ridiculers and personal computer mockers of our day. All innovative ideas are met with swift criticisms in their infancy. The same is to be expected with the ideals proposed in a Resource Based Economy. People will grab the closest historical comparison just for the sake of having something to say.

Before we go any further let’s get another thing straight. Historically we have seen many great minds live and die for a variety of reasons/ ideologies. Most of these people were not known as anti-money or pro-solution.*{*at least not pro ultimate solution. Many people in history addressed one face of a multifaceted problem never to realize the true causal problem of all human suffering.} Most if not all people accepted the social economic system that they are born into because well let’s face it the brainwashing and subconscious indoctrination techniques are so subtle and nuanced that it takes concentrated effort to overcome the suppression, let alone conceive a fix to the problem. From the slave owning founding fathers to the oligarchs of the banking industry of the past century, we see a ubiquitous and omnipresent hypnosis of the worlds population under the spell of the almighty dollar!

Even the ethos of the Greek philosophers, where many of our modern methods of democracy and individualism were conceived, we find that even the Socrates and Platos of that time never once questioned the use of social servitude and stratification.

Even in light of the fact that so many of our most noble inventors from Edison and Tesla to Newton Franklin and Einstein we see men that sequestered under the dogmatic and unrelenting pressure of the monetary debt machine.

And the Buddha- Siddhartha was recounted as giving in to a life of decadence and becoming fat with life. The mind that conceived that all human suffering stems from attachment and desire still never cursed the debt based lending contrivance.

Oh, and everyones favorite Jesus H. Christ character, the son of himself or the omni-everything anthropomorphic God of the bible, was recorded as getting pissed enough to grab a make-shift whip of ropes to drive the money changers out of the temple. Sure, Jesus talked of rich men getting into heaven like camels getting thru the eye of a needle—but, if Jesus knew anything of addressing the cause of a problem instead of it’s symptoms, then he would truly deserve the title of “the greatest man who ever lived”!

All of this is to no avail tho. Perhaps all of these minds were just the precursor to the hybrid mentality that would ultimately have to evolve in these modern times. We have the present day vantage point to see how corrupt the suffering and mistreatment has become. We also have the technological ability to set humanity free from laborious jobs and mundane activities. With humanity set free from the enslavement of money and mandatory labor we will finally have the time to develop into a strong and trenchant group of people that will never again let the species go astray. We will be afforded the time and luxury of educating against systems that profit from keeping people in hamster-wheel cycles of consumption, while safe-guarding against the brainwashing of it’s people from mass media propaganda.

So the failure of ALL of us is nothing more than an inability to realize our true power and potential. Our defeat is the inclination as a species toward irresponsibility. We can rise above the powers of our time and do a complete 180 from a government that promotes freedom of religion but empowers only a two party political system! The illusion of choice! Do u want this blue puppet or this red puppet?

These governments preach of Capitalism and free markets yet somehow provide government subsidies to GMO agricultural pollution, while taxing Co2 emissions, which is needless to say—but, it’s like taxing breathing! All the while we are outsourcing all of Americas industrial abilities to even more despotic regimes? {WTF!?} How do we justify this nonsense of FDIC this but offshore or Swiss account that? Where is the line of reasoning that okayed the Federal Reserve and it’s totalitarian control over the money supply and economy? How many among us ever voted for wall street banker bailouts or kinetic military action?

But there is hope! If we can wake up to the realization that we are all an individual microcosm that mirrors the universe which is subjectively experiencing itself, just as a single drop of water experiences a oneness with the vast ocean of our planet! There is a way out of the darkness! You can go into a dark room with just a tiny flicker of a candle, and watch how darkness flees from the vicinity of the light. This is not true of the converse. A brightly lit room can never be overcome by any amount of darkness unless the light itself wishes to be extinguished. We can defeat the system thru strategic purchases and boycotts! We can form networks of resource based trade and exchange so as to lead by example the path we wish to take. Instead of trying to pathologize and apologize for the ineptitude and malfeasance of our current system, why not just go for broke, literally, and start fresh with a debt free gold backed currency. I know its not ideal but some form of synthesis will be neccisary if we are ever to trancend this paradigm. Perhaps after the abolishment of the FED we could lower the cost of living and reduce the work week to 3 or 4 days a week? Allow time for people to truly pursue their own happiness by learning more about the world we live in. That, in itself can set the stage for detoxification from the use of money, into a nice shiny new Resource Based Economy!

The ultimate pinnacle of our species will be the realization that just because we are wrong that it doesn’t mean we can’t change our approach and set things straight. When Americans wake up one day to the cognition that we are not only fighting on the wrong side—but that we ARE the wrong side!

Yeah that’s pretty much what this is all going to amount to sooner or later. A resource based economy! {RBE} Eventually the jig will be up for our broken system, and let’s hope we aren’t caught with our trousers around our ankles and our undifferentiated embryonic coital procreation appendages flapping in the wind!

*{I’d like to credit Peter Joseph the defacto founder of the Zeitgeist Movement for the inspiration and theme of this article}

iiixtheory recommends:

To arrive somewhere in the vicinity of thought that I am expressing here, please do me the favor of observing these 2 documentaries by Dominoes Falling Productions. Both of these films compose a medley of clips from several sources of truth. What unfolds is a solid linear message that infers, with sound reason, that the time for true change is imminent! The vehicle of this change will come in the form of a new paradigm as the old one continues to fail at serving humanity as a species. As Einstein so succinctly put it, “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” The time for transcendence is NOW! Start with these 2 films:)


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