The Stance of the Imaginist
By: iiixtheory

“It is living and ceasing to live which are imaginary solutions. Existance is elsewhere.”-Surrealist Manifesto by André Breton (1924)

The judgment makes careful distinctions usually working with patience and with study, separating facts from errors, discerning just relations and distinguishing proprieties. It is interested in determining truth. The imagination, less concerned with real differences, ranges widely and moves quickly, sees similarities or makes its own agreeable combinations and unities, guided by its feelings. It is interested in finding pleasure.-Jane Austen (coined the term “imaginist” in 1816)

“Say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.”-Walter Sobchak, in response to nihilism. (The Big Lebowski)

Esoteric, diagraphs & diatribes, + Epistemology = edde.

This personal anagram displays my desire to utilize all working aspects of all forms of wisdom & knowledge. Pictures and paintings, essays and ideologies, I seek a path that envelops and accepts amap (asmuchaspossible) and excludes alap. (aslittleaspossible) Throughout history groups and individuals have “fought” up against any and everything that was determined to be contrary to the position maintained. As anyone with eyes can see, this has left a very fragmented civilization and a world view of mass seperation. A world that maintains the illusion of separation will ultimately be the cause of it’s own demise. For we as a species to propigate, we must tear down the facades and walls that give power to this concept of division. With each mode of awakening that we as imaginists espouse on the world, we disarm the powers of sequstered nay-saying. We throw an unexpected stick in the bicycle spokes of these would be slave drivers who malignently seek any means possible to continue the status quo of the slaves with white and blue collars. The restless nine to fivers that spin their wheels trying to not get buried in a sea of debt that has been imposed by the Federal Reserve since 1913.

Since that time America has never recovered from the compounding debt that has now breached the trillion dollar mark. Money, in theory, is not a wicked principle. It allows for a personal means to achieve desired comfort or lifestyle as well as measure effort, work, energy, intention and resources.

(Don’t get me wrong here, I loath the way that money is utilized today as a society. But like all things not tainted by utility, the theory of money or work or philosophy is virtuous in principal yet lost in the practice or interpretation.) People should be allowed to achieve the higest degrees of wealth as derived through capitalism. They should also conversely be allowed to survive and live in peace if they choose a path of simplicity and self-sustainability. All models of the political and religious spectrum need a place or land with which they may practice the ideals of a symbiotic society. The go-getters and the bums alike should all be free to practice their ologies in a land such as America.*(* The theory of separation may actually serve a nation like America where segregated groups could flock to cities that were idealiclly suited for a certain “type” of belief system. E.G. Communist states next to socialist states next to democratic states next to a republic state. Even theocracy states alongside a secular society while a utopia or free society was permitted to live accordingly.[but this is a whole other subject to be discussed in greater detail at some future opportunity])

“Divided WE stand, Together WE fall!”
“Together WE stand, Divided WE fall!”

I felt it to be a novel opportunity in history and in time, to create a new surrealist manifesto. One that continually perpetuates a self renewal and hybridization of itself. The ever growing expression of a philosophy that evolves and beautifies at every passing moment, not destined to become static and unchanged so as to collect dust on a shelf. (An amalgam of the imaginist and surrealist movements preceding today.) If one encompases all that is mentioned above and holds true to the idea that “the only constant is change” then that person will have implemented a philosophy that minimizes the pain and struggle of progress and evolution. If any such movement needed more attention, it is the movement of the individual! Just like Walt Disney and his team of imagineers created a new and innovative model for human ingenuity and creativeness,*(*Epcot, Disneyland, etc) iiix too, endevors to find a new approach to this game we call life. The key to our journey is to remain as agnostic*(*for lack of a better term) as possible in our stance until we as a collective group of people can make an objective decision regarding the welfare and survival of all our human dynamics. As an example, I lend my personal experience and perception to the cause, I however, do not insist on my own interpretation. This is my version, you the reader will have your own. (We each will adapt our situation to the best custom fit for our desired comfort and preference) We are a wildly imaginative generation in this vapid year of our lord 2011. With the movements and revolutions of our parents and forefathers leaving failure and the stench of regurgitated unoriginality in our world, we fearlessly trudge on to newer and “greener” pastures.

As we pick up where we left off in the previous blog I mentioned the intentional misspelling of the word existence. From this sentence forward that word will be spelled as existance. And in all matters of spelling and grammar I’d like to mention that I frankly don’t give one or two or any number of shits if I come off as some morosoph that stumbled his way into an editorial type position before passing basic English classes in college.(your mom goes to college;) So as I was saying, Existance is defined as;

–verb (used without object)
1. to have actual being; be
2. to have life or animation; live.
3. to continue to be or live
1. the state or fact of existing; being.
2. continuance in being or life; life:
3. mode of existing:
4. all that exists
5. something that exists; entity; being.
1. standing posture
2. a rationalized mental attitude
syn: position, posture

A quick trip down memory lane.
A few years ago, circa 2004, I was at Tracy B’s house having a stoney conversation with my good buddy Daniel P. He brought to my attention something I had considered previously, but only briefly. Daniel mentions to me “you know that you spelled existence with an A in triple eye x, right?” I was aware of this as I had a few people mention this to me and my defense was that “I suck at spelling.” I responded to Daniel with a “yeah I know but I already filled the business licence out with that spelling and had accepted my position as a bad speller.” Daniel lit up with a cognition that served as the catalist for a level of acceptance I had not yet realized. He responded with a thoughtful complement in “that’s cool, hey!!, stance… exiSTANCE! It’s your stance as a bad speller!” I realized spelling can be urban and subjective yet still carry an appropriate message. In fact we only use words, language, and grammar as a means of conveying the picture in our minds eye, our third or triple eye if you will:)

There have been numerous occasions where conversations like this have sparked a level of interest and cooperative creation of new and exciting thoughts (or at least newly “remembered” thoughts;) I can recall amazing iiix centered conversations with other good buddays that helped shape the vast scope of what the stance of iiix would become. Mike & Shawna W, Andre, Mike E, Frank, Aric, Anibal, Tof, Jose, the brothers McMillin, Orange, Vital and especially my wife Harmony. Im fortunate to have the input of my very own personal living guru named JC Hughes. The physical embodiment of wisdom itself! All of these exceptional individuals are an integral part of my conscious and subconscious reality.

The actual position or stance of the imaginist/surrealist is this:

On the subject of truth…
Truth is often subjective in matters of personal stance. Truth can also be objective and empirical thanks the scientific metod and formula. The word truth in itself sends my mind on a never ending journey of possibility. So to put my (iiix) belief concisely; truth is whatever YOU think it is. Or to put it as Forrest Gump would; truth is as truth is. {Gump it thru life, as in Forrest:)} When truths are in conflict, the definitions of truth become more specific. (semantics)

What is passed as truth by a religious person could more accurately be described as belief or proposition, by the scientificationalisticly*(*imaginary word for scientific) minded person. Each human to expound on their own perspective transcends the type of category or taxonomy that we try to label them with. When all the contengencies are taken into account we find a certain need for a new method of understanding and grasping at concepts. A custom mold of individuality is what iiix “attempts” to put forth. How many people are alive on this planet today? Some 6-7 billion and growing each year? How many humans have graced us with their pressence throughout history? Trillions? Maybe more? What iiix takes into consideraton is that humans are as unique and varied as snowflakes on a cold winters day, while keeping in mind the Tyler Durden aspect that we are also “not unique or special”.

Now if u see what I just did right there I’d call u a shrewd and discerning person. At all times I implore my reader to strike a personal and contrasted form of balance with the things, thoughts, & theories asserted on these pages.

If one is really honest with oneself they will readily admit as Socrates did that “i know that i know nothing.”

When one can justify the compromise of two extremes silently, and personally, I feel that is the begining of a triangulated* solution to life, and it’s multitude of concepts, problems, ideologies, and every variance inbetween. Once the dualty is transcended and a unique appreciation of the subtle greytones is realized, then the dualistic black and white spectrum begins to fade away. At that moment one can then open themselves up to the wonderful world of color and 3-D! A chance to explore the cosmos with a mind unhindered by the shackles of reality, logic, or rationality. (not that there is anything wrong with these things;) Basically once your head is removed from your anal cavity you can see the world for what it really IS!

These are the properties of the imagination and the formula for creative postulates.

{imagination(i)+ïs-ness(ï)-!rrationality(!) = eXistance (personal existance) i+ï-!=X}


Def- verb,- an escape from dualty. Merger with oneness, and a realized state of consciousness that is in balance with it’s own visceral nature. Also can be visualized as a 3 sided pyramid equal on all sides that objectifies the concept of transcendency; or overcoming of the body, self, senses, ego, or mind—>

The theory of iiix is not in any attempt a replacement for or a fix-all solution to the problems that have plagued humankind for centuries. Instead iiix is a realized state of being that searches the internal wonder of the human imagination. It is the subtle realization that life is entangled and multi-layered. From quantum physics and the law of attraction to the understanding that we are all just different types of animals** making our way through the ups and downs of life. So the fact that we were just now trying to state ideas on the topic of truth and now are somehow off on tangent wonderla-la land should serve as a reminder to not bring up the topic again unless we have long hours of free time and even longer hours of attention span. Moving on…

A theory or concept that each group or individual can be metaphorically contrasted with any animal from the animal kingdom. It is the parabolic aplication of character merged with animal instinct. This always begs the explaination of a comic strip joke I saw in a bookstore once: A man answers a knock at his front door to find two ducks on his porch both holding briefcases and posing the question, “have you ever considered becoming a duck?” This is a parody of what a Jehovahs witness would spout in complete ignorance of the person they are addressing?! Each person or “animal” has a very distinct physiology and make-up that is benificial to their life experience. The audacity of preaching to a bear the ethics, morals, and dietary choices of a duck is not only absurd it is also majorly flawed! Each animal carries with it an instinctive capacity for it’s own ideal lifestyle. To expect that all should rejoice and embrace the truth or lifestyle of a duck (jw) or a goose (morman) or even that of a bat (catholic) is just plain obscene. There is an entire animal kingdom that flows with the circle of life. One only needs to look internally to find out the individual animal truth that best suits you to find true joy, beauty and happiness… No need for incessant knocking right?!;)

On Faith and belief:
Faith that God reveals truth and is the origin of human intelligence is a perfectly acceptable statement…, of an opinion…, of a truthful feeling, idea, or emotion. Conversely so, the opposite is true. For me to state a personal experience while in a deeply meditative state of awareity of having conversations with God, or entering a state of consciousness I like to refer to as god-mode, these experiences are true to my perceptive abilities. These experiences, when made public, fall to a whole line of scrutiny. To me, these experiences qualify as conscious correspondence with a state of omniscience, among all of the other omni-type feelings. However, feelings are not facts. They are mere expressions of physiology that is as complex as calculating the infinence of pi. The outside observer could look on at me engaged in deep thought and clearly see me talking with myself, {me & i} in the corner, whereas I felt myself consorting with the creator. The same could be said of any devil or angel or ghost or wayward spirit??

For these entities to be considered imaginary to me makes them all the more powerful. Einstein was quoted as saying, “imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

As it stands, I usually have more in common with the atheist/agnostic than I do with the theist and believer. (70%>30%) But what I have personally felt in my life to be true is what I maintain internally as my truth.

As we wrap up this tangent masqueraded as theory I’ll make mention that iiix symbolizes my desire to see a unanimous spiritual science evolve in the years to come. Something empirical and true with substance and soul, yet completely devoid of any simulacrum to religion and dogma. A type of “good idea” box that imagineers and imaginists can go to in order to spark the creative process. I’d like to see these future generations of inventors and scientists create a method or machine that can capture or measure the soul. Given the pace of technology these days I’d estimate something of the sort to come about within the next decade or so? And I’m no prophet but I guess you could consider this a prophecy if you were so inclined? These are my hopes and wishes for the philosophy of iiix, you the reader may have your own? In all probability I bet no one is reading this far into such a garbled mess as this? Most likely you just read the quotes and the big print while glancing at the pictures before clicking off the page. Hell I could say anything I want at this point in the article…”girationally-endocular distintilatory conseculence of a digrastic trombuncular stalengrape to vinstrudge the tits off a palengrop!”

Well now! That felt good;) So farewell until the next episode of iiixtheory, I hope the two of you that are left enjoyed your visit to the Imaginarium of the imaginist!

[box] It all started as a concept for a clothing company where I printed my own stuff, on my own press, with the help of friends who worked for free shirts and prints.

We gave away most of the merch as a promotional thing. This sentence “imagine it into existance” has been with me since 2002.

Who knows where it will take me? I may write a book of iiixriddles and illustrative captions and juxtapositions of phantasmagorical ideologies? Or put together some videos with powerful and compelling messages along the same imaginitive lines. Friends ask for iiix tattoo designs and it’s a completely flattering complement. iiix becomes a bit like the movie 23 where you fixate on a concept and your subconscious lights up with ceaseless potential. 10:15 on a roman numeral clock, the dead kennedys or crass or black flag logos.*

When sitting at a dinner table you could borrow a knife and create an iiix out of your silverware. Literally any sequence of i looking shapes punctuated by an x makes for a fun puzzle type of game to play to yourself. It’s kind of like phi 1.1618033–> and so on into infinity. The golden ratio is an element of design found throughout nature and “across the universe.” This iiix is my own personal application of an element of creation. If a god exists outside of the boundary of the universe or universes, or perhaps maybe from within the universe, then a power like iiix or something comparable would be necessary to accomplish the formation of the universe(s).* Theory is just the word I put at the end to give it some clout. I started playing rpg’s on my iphone a while back and decided that iiixtheory would be my name. It’s a whole philosophy that is mainly based on postulate and conjecture but those words obviously look sucky in comparison to theory.

Who knows how many universes there are/could be? I like to think of an episode of animaniacs that sang a song about it being a “great big universe, and we’re all so really puny.” As the song came to a close the camera zoomed out of a shot of the universe to show it about the size of a marble. Then all around a bunch of other marbles came into focus in a sack of marbles around the waist of Yacko or Wacko. (can’t recall) So this image has always stuck with me from even an early cartoon watching age. (as if I don’t still watch cartoons:)

iiixtheory recomends—>

•Listen: “Ratatat”
Album; “Ratatat”
This is a favorite record of mine introduced to me by my wife a few years ago, back when she was still in girlfriend status. Every song rings with infectious melodies/harmonies that stay stuck in your head for days. This project is two guys, a duo with guitars and drum machines. They make full use of their talents and leave the lyric-less album lacking in nothing. It’s an inspirational project that gets a guy to wonder what he can create with just his best buddy and the proper equipment;) Favorite tracks besides the whole album; “seventeen years” and “crips”.

•Read: The Star Borne: A Rememberance for the Awakened Ones. -by Solara. This book takes u on a spiritual journey of the soul and it’s orgins as angelic beings. It’s a comprehensive look into the celestial world of Solara and her personal angelic experience. The book takes a few twists and turns thru sillytown but manages to maintain an entertaining glimpse into metaphysical probability and possibility!

•Watch: Zeitgeist 1, 2{Addendum} & 3{Moving Forward}
By: Peter Joseph- These movies are perfectly specialized for the scientifically-minded-non political-causality-concerned- anti-slavery/servitude-anti-money & anti-poverty enthusiast. When I say “anti-anything” I more accurately mean pro Resource Based Economy. To those of u who find human nature to be influenced more by environment and the presence/absence of self determinism, then this movie is perfect for u! All of these concepts are brilliantly quantified for the viewer which only gives credence to the movements growing popularity. The Zeitgeist Movement has been picking up momentum since 2007. With the release of movie #3 in January of 2011, we witnessed history in the making. A world release in over 200 theaters saw the incendiary information light up the independent screens across the globe. The info expressed in these movies stands on it’s own merit but is made even more powerful and hard-hitting by featuring clips and interviews from the minds of Carl Sagan, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Michael Rupert, Dr Gilligan and Jacque Fresco. While I completely recommend watching the first two Z movies it is not required to enjoy the 2+ hours of mental stimulation involved in Moving Forward. The subsequent movement that was started at the end of Addendum has been growing by leaps and bounds. If the ideals and solutions put forth by these films resonate with u then I suggest u look into The Venus Project and Jacque Fresco for more detailed info.


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