Osama Bin Frozen..?

Today driving down the 2 freeway observing the steaming pile of fecal matter that I like to call “LA-LA land”. Getting word of the media frenzy surrounding 5/1/11 and OBL.

1st of all this is a fake photo:


And now for a brief treatment on the OBL death announcement:

2. Revolutionary Volume 2 released: November 18, 2003. My favorite MC breaks it down for u in the song titled: “Cause of Death” {check out the whole song for more hard-hitting truth then listen to the whole catalog by Immortal Tech!}

“I know the CIA saw Bin Laden on dialysis In ’98 when he was Top Ten for the FBI Government ties is really why the Government lies Read it yourself instead of asking the Government why ‘Cuz then the Cause of Death will cause the propaganda to die..”—Immortal Technique

Most likely Osama Bin Ladin died between Dec. 12-13, 2001 Cause of death: Kidney failure.

A couple of links discussing some valid points:


Conspiracy Theory Alert: Osama Bin Laden Was Dead LONG BEFORE This Weekend

3. Research or Google the phrase “Osama Bin Frozen”. The government likes to make idiots of us by causing dissension and division of people by causing red herrings to fly by so as to distract us from the more important issues such as:
•TSA molestation brigade.
•Dollar decline, Federal reserve cartel, and China selling 2/3 of us debt bonds.
•Fukushima fallout and the failure of non renewable energy.
•Kinetic military action (war) in Libya, Egypt and everywhere else in the middle East.
•toxic poisoning of our food and water supply by factory farms, fluoride, and pesticide/herbicides.
•ever increasing police state apparatus and civil liberty erosion.
•distraction from the distraction of the birth certificate fiasco. Etc…

4. Sure. Dumped the body at sea in accordance with Muslim law? Habeas Corpus anyone? Where is the body so we can perform the appropriate autopsy procedures? How convenient!

5. Anyone who STILL believes ANYthing the Government puts out isn’t even a gullibull—you’re a full on gullicalf!:) Get over the Republican Democrat 2 party system. The Left-Right paradigm is a box/trapped social mentality. It is a rigged game where both sides are bought and owned by the same oligarchs. This is most likely a psy-op and we are all falling for tomfoolery. The Republic has fallen! Start building something new starting with some metaphoric bridges so we can get the fuck over these puerile games of chicanery!



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