Me Myself & I

An Introduction and Expectation of Things to Come.
By: iiixtheory

Within these electronic worldwideweb of wonder blog pages, you will find an ongoing and ever evolving definition of what is iiix. (pronounced iks or tripleeyex) Definitions and labels are usually an undesirable form of taxonomy in the circles I travel in. However, this is a circumstance where maximum understanding is desired. Hence the construction of a “sign post” of represented mutual understandings is what I seek to unveil. The subject matter and ideas covered in this column will be a blanket construct philosophy of things, thoughts and theories including but not limited to:

•discussions, interviews, articles, websites, music, and movies of interest.

•Creative expressions such as lyrics, poetry and graphics.

•Criticisms, complaints and good ol’ fashioned bitching are to be expected at times.

•Current events and moments of savory goodness.

•Essays and biographies of noteworthy historical figures.

•Product evaluations.

•Metaphysical manifesto-“PanDeism & Epicurean Agnosticism”

•Political diatribes-“in search of the militant middle.”

•Any and all forms of “Gonzo Journalism.”

What I hope to expose/express is the fundamental understanding* of all human endeavors, (epistemologically speaking) that have inspired progress, altruism and civilization in the general sense of these words. The pursuit of knowledge and it’s application in our modern world. I’ve been told before that “true knowledge is without data”(JC;). That is to say that when one experiences the occurrence or remembrance of knowledge, that person is not currently utilizing the brain and or mind. There is a picturesque state of omniscience, so to speak. Data is in itself linkable to a sign post. Once the concept is understood, the signpost dissolves into the æther. So as I speak these subjective truths, I also am inclined to make note of the concept that we may or may not agree on all that is stated within these pages. Choices in words, forms of knowledge and in extension, beliefs become the creation of territorial conflict and violence that in turn only serves as a division against humanity. Especially is this true when these beliefs become essential to our survival and morph into dogmatic absolutes, should one be cognizant of the choices one entertains.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”
*[universal truth: is there even such a thing? Can a truth truly be universal and empirical without invoking subjective experience? Are humans even capable of unanimous agreement and if so, how long can we maintain this bubble before it eventually pops?]

Here at Triple Eye X, we will be composing a medley of mindscapes. Each individual or interview or essay will contribute a very necessary perspective in our expanding symphony of harmonic expressions. As we set up the ebb and flow of our individual choices in philosophy, we seek to display a “big picture perspective while maintaining a molecular understanding.” Strike a balance. Like clockwork, we build a symbiotic relationship that is mutually beneficial as well as contingent on the utility of others.

So let’s get right into the subject at hand. I believe humans and/or conscious beings for that matter have a visceral connection with spirituality and/or metaphysical properties. I believe that me, myself, & I are representative of 3 compelling characteristics of humanity…


Myself: Hi, my name is Theory. I have a body complete with circulation, nerve, cellular, muscular and skeletal systems that all follow specific and pathological trends. My organ system with a beating heart and thinking brain are appropriate mechanisms with which I operate this body I posses. My brain sends information signals across my nervous system in order to pick up a pen and drag it across this page.

My brain instructs one leg to move in front of the other so as to transport my vision (eyes) to new and exciting scenery. The areas of my brain that light up when stimulated spiritually, while meditating or engaging in entheogenic use of psychedelics are a fitting symbolic representation of the experience “myself” or ME is wishing to receive.


Me: is my “mind”, NOT my brain. My mind is the force or dynamic that animates my brain and sequentially my entire body. This mind of mine is deeply rooted in what could be considered a “4th dimension” or some other cosmic space of awareity. Filled with allusion and illusion, my mind is as vast as the universe and as focused and specific as a word. As words are monuments of thought, so is my mind an effigy of myself and/or me. {the self or soul} Many people confuse their mind as an expression of their true self. While this is partially true, it does negate the considerations of external forms of consciousness. Out of body and near death experiences (obe/nde) to name a few. While floating around in these conscious bubbles one is fully sense capable yet somehow decoupled from any physiological mechanisms. These forms of experience are non empirical yet convincing subjective forms of consciousness that motivate the individual in a variety of ways. These ways are unencumbered by the expression of matter. Almost a form of energy is how one could perceive ones self while under this influential form of consciousness. The mind is a vacuous arena of experiential perspectives. It is all too simple to stop at this point and consider the path of enlightenment as a theater of the mind.

As long as one is utilizing the mind, one is not entirely operational of the entity that is “I”.

I: who I truly am. “I think, therefore I am”. “I AM” is a connection with divinity, and lurking in the dormant 90-98% of our unused minds is something I hold a faith in that deep down within our spiritual subjective realities we share that same divine spark that makes us our own fulfillment of the Cartesian dualist saying, “I think, therefore I AM”.

Once one stops using the human construct of a thought-projection machine know as the mind (thinker), what is left?

“I AM”. Or, I AM that which I AM, all that is*, IS I AM.

This is nothing short of the assertion made by PanDiest’s who claim that God IS the universe and the universe IS God. All the matter, energy, space and time of the universe is fundamentally made of particles, molecules, atoms and so forth. So in short, the properties of god are and is the consciousness expressed and experienced by human beings. We are in an ad infinitum state of evolution, to the point of realizing the god that sits quiescently within our very being. We are souls and spirits derived from the state of omni-everything to the state of individualized consciousness that we experience today as humans.

So souls are what we as sentient beings are. We do not own a soul or possess a soul. Our spirit is another word for character or energy given to animate an object. Enter into a solemn state of mind and ponder the possibility of infinity. Solemn could be mistaken as prayerful in some respects, so consider praying to yourself. All things in existence are finite. All choices we make in this operative field of body existence is going to disintegrate one fateful day. Consider the fact that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. What will u do with your less than hundred years living as a human on this earth? Consider that heaven and hell don’t exist as they are depicted by major religions. They are instead states of consciousness we experience in this arena of interaction. Hell is living a life not chosen by your self-given free will. Heaven is the joyful success of living the life of your own design. According to the law of attraction, we are responsible for every occurrence in our life. Positivity attracts positive circumstances and the same is true for the converse statement about negativity. So why do some choose to voluntarily give up their self determinism to a deity that may or may not exist? This is not how one lives life to the fullest. This is equivalent to burying your talents in the ground in hopes of not displeasing your lord and savior. But what a waste this is. Many false prophets were prophesied of leading many astray. “The road to everlasting life is cramped and narrow while the road to everlasting destruction is broad and spacious.” What are these considerations to mean?

In a literal interpretation of the bible, it would mean the more followers a group has, the less likely they are being led to a good destination. Although I doubt any religious leader would volintarilly admit this. The road to everlasting destruction or eternal rebirth is a broad and spacious road. Life can and will go on for billions of years here on this earth. Evolution has been the progenitor of the human race as far as objective reality is concerned. There is little to no reason why a being with infinite knowledge would deem the earth unfit for habitation. Only a being represented by lesser minds of finite influence would concoct a god so similar to their human perception. That being said, it is clear that “truth” would be difficult to discern during times of spiritual confusion. A confusion scripted by the fraudulent prophecy of biblical writers. These weary false prophets would be the strong individuals that dared to pave a way that spoke of the truth intrinsically sensed by an individual unit of consciousness in touch with it’s inner creator. People like Darwin, Gandhi, Einstein, John Lennon, the 13 generations of Dalhi Lamas, Jesus, MLK, the founding fathers of America, Oprah and the list goes on and on of “god-like” avatars who chose to make their individual mark on this world, in opposition to the mentalities that dominated their respective eras.

The very subject of truth is subjective at best. One only needs to find the truth that speaks to your individual unit of soul consciousness from an intrinsic space of certainty. Some call this faith. Others need not draw conclusions on matters of speculation. The best resting point I can find on this vast subject is to; live a life in pursuance of your true joy, and happiness will be the byproduct of this pursuit.

To encapsulate all of what iiixtheory is comprised of, would take about a years worth of blogging articles just to scrape the surface. These are just a few of my subjective feelings on the matter of the God delusion, spirituality, and the big everything. This article hopefully will serve as a foundation of understanding in relation the the types of subjects that will emanate forth from this day forward. I really could go on but I know you bright minded students of observation are picking up what I’m laying out. So welcome to the world wide world of imagine it into existance. Tune into the next episode to find out why I chose to spell existence as existance;)

*[All is one. This is not to say that we are all the same. It is not a statement of compromised individuality for herd mentality. In fact the “herd mentality” is exactly what we seek to destroy. The ability for people to express their individuality is one of the truest forms wisdom. Why would we want to be carbon copies of each other? Why on earth would the robotic codependency of mortals be so encouraged by the powers that be? To question is one of the strengths of the individual who can see all that “is” and still find room for improvement and growth. We are not talking about the bs serenity prayer type of acceptance and change. We are talking about true self determinism in the face of all opposition. Without integrity and virtue for the sake of virtue, our actions become as empty and meaningless as the words one utters to inspire hope and change. To borrow a phrase from a mutual friend,”talk-minus action equals=zer0″.]

[box] iiixtheory recommendations of the month…

•listen: Say Anything, self titled new album – a record that will redeem any (if at all) lost hope in the band known as Say Anything. With lyrics such as:”Your life is always the post of something else. Where is the present in the way that you present yourself? And it’s disgusting how little that you try. The existential equivalence of pink eye.” Max Bemis certainly is a skilled lyrical wordsmith with metaphors abounding as prolific as Gene Simmons list of sexual conquests! Not to mention his abilities to customize songs in his song shop. He happened to write a lovely little ditty for my wife, son and I called “find your way.” It was an all to appropriate anniversary gift and I suggest u give the song shop and Say Anything a try/listen if u haven’t already done so!

•read: The Antichrist by Friedrich Nietzsche – this book serves as a scathing commentary and summation of Christianity and faith based religion. Offering deep existential insights from
the mind that brought u Zarathustra, delve into an era where Fred calls it like he saw it. This book is a solid and indelible ingredient in the recipe of your own amalgamated philosophy!

•watch: Whatever Works – a film by Woody Allen starring Larry David. If you want to see a misanthropic version of Larry David (curb your enthusiasm) uncensored, then here is the movie to watch! Every moment is filled with religipolitical flavor.


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