Give Peace a CHANCE!

One day we will all collectively realize that we need to do more than just, “give peace a chance.” We will have to come to terms with a new ethos that values love&peace over war&profit. “We are all one” is more than just a romanticized/poetic vision of life, it is a veritable scientific fact! An organism at war with itself will only lead to entropy.

On this one day of March 4th let us vow as a species to recognize our true selves and lift ourselves out of this vacuous momentum of mediocrity.

Let us March forth into a new direction for humankind toward a symbiotic and evergreen future of abundance and prosperity! If it is true that “Thoughts become Things” then what comes first? Does the thought make the molecule or does the molecule become the thought?
Welcome to your existential dilemma for the day:)

Please take some time to research The Zeitgeist Movement & The Venus Project. Try to watch Zeitgeist: Moving Forward and “Waking Life” to gain new insights and inspirations on the next step in this conscious collective march on March 4th 2011!


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